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Please Take A Look. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:44 pm

Bernard Shaw

I wish you'd please take a look,

Between the covers of this book.

It was written long years ago,

By some-one that was in the know.

The first chapter shows the start,

That set Mankind from the Beasts apart.

History passing on down the years,

Showing human frailty with it's fears.

Adam and Eve, with Abel and Cain,

The beginnings of a life insane.

This wasn't good that's for sure,

For God gave Moses Tablets of Law.

These should not have stopped at ten,

This wasn't enough for stupid Men.

He sent his prophets one by one,

Then at last His Only Son.

In his honour they built a Dome,

A Catholic Church in Ancient Rome.

But Jealousy Envy and simple Greed,

Soon Man had many a creed.

Now there are Religions galore,

You may count them by the score.

So Please, Wont YOU take a look,

Between the covers of this Book.
Bernard Shaw

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