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Spiritual Guidance. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:00 pm

Spiritual Guidance.
Bernard Shaw

I prayed for spiritual guidance a long time ago,

Nothing seemed to happen I thought I?d let you know.

I looked for signs everywhere to where I went on earth,

It was as if the Devil himself was at my very birth.

I saw no Angels no miracles were in sight,

I thought that Lucifer was holding me awfully tight.

Strange things kept happening just to little old me,

He above it seemed had decided to let me strictly be.

I was disappointed and went no more to Church,

For I thought that he on high had left me in the lurch.

I was very bitter and full of ugly despair,

What was to become of me if he above did not care?

Then on one fateful day in the early spring,

I passed the local school and heard the children sing.

The sweet childish voices sang a well-known hymn,

?All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small,?

The children were confident that he had made them all.

The simple belief that came from those childish voices,

Showed me the signs and now my soul rejoices.

My life changed I now had my spiritual peace,

My want for guidance took on a real new lease.

I see the small things such as the wild flowers,

Each in itself a miracle, I had developed many new powers.

Creatures large and small I see every day,

Birds in the sky fly surely on their way.

There were miracles all around me,

My eyes were blind I did not see.

Sweet children?s voices opened up my stony heart,

I now see his works everywhere and it is but just the start.
Bernard Shaw

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