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Northern Lights by Roland R. Ruiz

Postby puddles1947 » Wed Feb 15, 2006 8:21 pm

Northern Lights
Roland R. Ruiz

Dedicated To: Sarah Cardona

In the silence of a winter's night
Lies a stillness of lasting thought
That gives a feeling of pure delight
To one who's seen the golden orb
In the shadow of the Northern Lights

As I drift upon the sea, without a soul to comfort me
I see the stars above the waves, that rock me to and fro

I wonder how I found myself, alone and far from home
Somewhere between Land's End, and the coast of Newfoundland

Its been two weeks, since we left the harbor of St. John's Bay
In search of oil which drives us forth, to catch the majestic whale

During the coldness of the tenth night, a gale pitched its eye on us
We rode the storm, as best we could, but in the end, the storm won out, as the ship began to crack

I heard the Captain yell, abandon ship, save yourselves
As the lifeboats were cut away

So quick the ship began to sink, I hardly had time to think
I remember jumping into the sea, reaching to grab the side

Of a lifeboat floating by, with all my strength
I pushed myself to get inside the boat

Oh, how the waves did dance, between the cresting swells
When I looked out, from the shell, which protected me

In the coldness of the raging storm, the ship had slipped beneath the waves
Claiming the Captain and the crew, in the blackness of the night

I find myself all alone, with only a prayer to remember them by
I lay back in exhaustion, in wait of the fate, that lies ahead of me

Two nights have passed, since I boarded this craft
The gale that blew, has gone its way, but the waves still crest with awe

I fear my time is closing in, as the cold sets in my bones
As I look towards the northerly sky, a prayer forms in my heart

To God, I ask, please preserve my soul, from the swirls, of this relentless wake
With only the brilliance of the Northern Lights, to break the silence of the night

I peer in search of a ship, to save my mortal soul
I ask dear God, to rescue me, from the ravages of this domain
Or take me to your golden orb, the one you call your home

Written by Roland R. Ruiz
November 10, 2005

I wrote this poem, in remembrance of sailors, who have fought against the raging sea, and for those who has given their life, to the sea. I love the sea, and would have loved to be aboard a ship, going around the Horn, the sea takes and gives, and no in between.............Roland......

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