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Christmas Poet Tom Zart's "NIGHT OF NIGHTS"

Postby Tom Zart » Mon Mar 20, 2006 10:51 am


In the tiny town of Bethlehem,
Born in a stable, an infant lie.
While he slept his first dreamless night,
A whole universe of stars passed by.

When Jesus Christ our savior was born
Most of the angels began to sing,
Of peace, and good will to all mankind,
And hallelujah to earth's new king.

There were those angels, who did not sing,
For they had passed through the devil's gate.
They knew this young lad belonged to God,
And for them salvation was too late.

So let's rejoice, and sing with great cheer,
That night when Jesus slept without fear.
For our Lord's birthday comes once a year,
On that night of nights we hold so dear.

By Tom Zart
Tom Zart

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