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Don't Mope by David Kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:34 am

(Can be sung to the tune of Jambalaya ( sp.))

If at home you sit moping around,
Putting on one big pound after pound,
Buying things on the Web out of boredom,
Using Visa 'cause you can't afford'em,

If you feel life is just something awful,
And before you do something, you waffle
Cause you cannot come up with an answer
To life's problems that bloom just like cancer.

Go out, walk 'round the city-
Don't sit home and brood in self-pity.
City lights are so bright and so pretty
As for you I'm composing this ditty.

Go out, and look at the people,
At a church with a beautiful steeple,
At the cars that whoosh by as you hoof it,
Life is not so bad, so don't goof it.

Back at home, there's no energy there.
It will drive you to total despair.
You must try to get out in the open
It is so much better than mopin'.

See the joy and the courage in faces
And the life-force that all that embraces;
With the rhythm of the city pulsating,
There's no room for blues or self-hating.

Walk around the block for a while
Go home and venture to smile,
Soon some answers will come to your doubts,
But they don't come to brooding old louts.

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