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Don't Commit Suicide by David Kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:31 am

Some people, when they feel like sh*t inside,
Start thinking of committing suicide.
They think that if themselves they try to kill
Their thirst for inner peace they will fulfill.

No matter how horrible the pain,
To kill yourself would simply be insane
For it will only make the matters worse-
Not peace you'll have, but quite the reverse:

Right outside your body you will stand,
Trying to talk to people close at hand,
But people won't hear you or see you for that matter
Although you can see them move and hear them chatter.

They walk right through you and you walk through them.
"What have I done!" ,you now yourself condemn,
But there's nothing you can do to change the situation
For now you're in a different 'vibration'.

And you'll become a dark and lonely ghost.
In murky, gloomy thoughts you'll be engrossed.
You've killed your body but your soul you couldn't kill,
But now you are deprived of your free will.

And friendless, bodyless you now will rove-
To end your suffering so hard you strove,
Instead, a greater suffering upon yourself you've brought.
Killing yourself solved nothing, unlike you thought.

And then, after your body's term comes to its end,
To higher planes your soul will not ascend,
But it will find another bio-frame
Its problems being just the same.

So, if a suicide you're contemplating,
Remember that a ghostly life such sinners is awaiting.
Just pray to heavens, persevere and fight,
And soon of hope you'll see the light.

And if you feel discouraged, think of others,
Encourage them, they are your brothers.
Devote your life to others' problems -Is that clear?
And it will make your own problems disappear.


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