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Beating the Doldrums by David Kessel

Postby davidkessel » Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:23 am

'Tis neither crises nor catastrophes I fear,
But life's pervading dullness is my greatest foe,
Whose paralizing tentacles can engineer
A situation to arrest ideas' flow.

In crises, I can bravely flip events right over,
And then come out a victor in a dazzling jiff,
But when it's funk and gunk above me hover,
They dull my thoughts and make my body stiff.

Disasters, deaths and wounds make me a hero
And put my brain to work in yeasty ways,
But heavy flatness keeps my vim at zero
And casts upon my eyes its listless glaze.

He who can overcome lethargic stretches
And doggedly continue to plug along,
Will be the one for whom Fortuna fetches
Rewards of gold for being so strong.

Forget about hunks on prime-time shows
Who blow thugs away with their rods,
A true paladin is the one who knows
That he can beat the blahs against all odds.

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