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Postby Tom Zart » Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:35 pm


I'm a solider for the Lord
Who's been up and who's been down,
Though while on the battlefield,
I have never turned around.

I face more than flesh and blood,
With the devil's evil hoard.
But they shall not steal my soul.
For I swing my Lord's swift sword.

I wear all of God's armor;
With helmet, breastplate and shield.
As Satan's arrows fly by
From his archers of the field.

The devil casts his dark net
Over any he may charm.
He'll lead them from salvation,
With his hands upon their arm.

I battle evil daily,
And I pray that you?ll join me.
We're not alone in this world,
For we're loved and watched by Thee.

By Tom Zart
2005 All Rights Reserved
Tom Zart

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