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"GOD'S POETS" by Tom Zart

Postby Tom Zart » Thu Mar 02, 2006 5:01 pm

by Tom Zart

The prize jewels of any nation
Are the philosophers of the heart.
How they think is universal,
For it?s God who makes them so smart.

Most poets tell the truth of life,
Though they may wrap it in beauty.
It's their passion, not their purpose;
To compose is but their duty.

Poets have no reason to lie
When the truth is always so clear.
All that others say and do
Is but food for the poet's ear.

One merit of a poet's work,
Which most people cannot deny,
They say more and in fewer words
To illuminate you and I.

God sent his poets down to earth
With words of wisdom and of worth,
That they might touch the souls of sin
And bring them back to Him again.

God has always had his poets,
Who he watches with love from space.
But Satan has his poets too,
Who try to lead us from our grace.

King Solomon was a poet,
Who spoke of love, life, death, and war.
That lips were like threads of scarlet,
And that breasts were roses and more.

The wild birds sing and flowers bloom,
As clouds form figures in the sky.
But only humans will write poems,
That shall last long after they die.

The eldest sister of all arts,
Which some have called the devils wine.
Poetry is but pure passion,
To stimulate the heart and mind.

By Tom Zart
Author of
?Love, War & More?
Published by Publish America
2005 All Rights Reserved
Most Published Poet
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Tom Zart

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