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Why We Have The Scriptures

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Why We Have The Scriptures

Postby Jim Lee » Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:10 am

Why the Scriptures?
12 September 2006

The scriptures tell the history
Of nations gone astray,
And people who forgot the Lord,
And long since passed away,
Because they didn't keep the laws
God gave to Moses here,
Called the Ten Commandments,
Given to children dear.

When God placed man upon the earth
Six thousand years ago,
His greatest hope and heart-wish was
That we would come to know,
His loving plan of happiness
For we, His children dear,
Hoping we would choose His way,
And to His laws adhere.

But man, through his free agency,
Chose Satan's way of life,
Which caused much grief and heartache,
And also caused much strife,
And wickedness to flourish,
And secret combinations, too,
Which the Holy Scriptures
Clearly do review.

And God called holy Prophets
To warn His children dear,
To repent of evil doings,
And live His Gospel here,
But men whose hearts were filled with pride,
Refused to here obey,
And chose to follow Satan,
Which caused God much dismay.

Many Prophets lost their lives
Declaring Father's will,
Because they cried "Repentance"
In order to fulfill
Instructions they received from God,
Commanding us to be
More like our Lord and Savior,
Of true nobility.

And many prophesied of our day,
Issued warnings, too,
In hopes that we would listen,
And strive God's will to do,
So we'd not choose the pathway
That others followed here,
Leading to destruction
Of Father's children dear.

The Bible clearly tells us
Of the calamity
Which has befallen nations
In ancient history,
Who chose to follow Satan,
And Satan's wiley ways,
As does the Book of Mormon,
In which the world may gaze,

And see the great destruction
Of fallen nations here,
Because they chose Satan's ways,
Which to their hearts were dear,
And failed to heed the Prophets
Who warned them to repent,
Or they would be swept off the earth,
A message Father sent.

And what about our own day,
Which many Prophets saw,
And also prophesied about,
As they revealed God's law,
And even issued warnings
Of great calamities
Which would befall God's children,
And bring them to their knees,

Even in our own day,
Before the Lord returns,
If we forget the laws of God,
Which Satan always spurns,
As do his many followers,
And evil spirits, too,
Which God cast out of heaven,
In numbers, not a few.

In our day, God has spoken,
Revealing truths divine,
Through Joseph Smith, the Prophet,
To help us "rise and shine,"
And be an ensign to the world,
A voice that can't be stilled,
Although the world hated him,
And eventually he was killed,

That's why we have the scriptures,
So we may know the truth,
And thus prepare for things to come,
Though old or in our youth,
And that's why we have Prophets,
Called by God above,
To share His Gospel light and truth,
And His eternal love,

With we, His earthbound children,
In hopes that we'll obey,
So we may become like Him,
And live with Him someday,
And also like the Savior,
And like our Mother, too,
And also with our families,
And that's including YOU.

God help us here to listen,
To follow and obey
The counsel that His Prophets
Have revealed to us today,
Received from God, the Father,
And His Beloved Son,
Containing truths eternal,
Each and every one.

Behold, His Prophet speaks today,
So all the world may hear,
And come to know God's teachings,
Which to his heart are dear,
His name is Thomas S. Monson,
Though aged he may be,
He's still the Lord's own mouthpiece,
Who's served God faithfully.

And he it is who's chosen
To direct the Lord's work here,
Through Holy Priesthood powers and keys
Restored from heaven's sphere,
Through Joseph Smith, the Prophet,
In these, the latter days,
To teach us truths eternal,
And help us know God's ways.

I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your friend and brother.

James H. Lee Jr.
Jim Lee

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