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I Choose to Be

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I Choose to Be

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:44 am

I Choose to Be

God's noble sons and daughters, made up of you and me,
Came here to gain a body, and win the victory
Against the powers of darkness, and evil here on earth,
And if we do achieve it, we'll have much greater worth.

We want to be like Father, who dwells in heaven above,
And like the Lord and Savior, who ransomed us through love,
And took our sins upon Him, that we might one day be
Heirs to life eternal, through Father's majesty.

Since we are God's own children, we're heirs apparent, too,
And we'll inherit all He has if only we'll be true,
And follow Christ's example, and live the Gospel plan
That's outlined in the scriptures, God's words to mortal man.

Revealed through Holy Prophets, recorded for our day,
They teach us truths eternal, which if we do obey,
Then we'll become like Father, and His Beloved Son,
Inheriting eternal joy when our life's work is done.

But more, we will inherit kingdoms, thrones and powers,
And dominions in eternity, and much more will be ours,
If only we will follow God's plan of happiness,
And truly live the Gospel, then what we here possess,

Will only be a shadow of what God has in store,
For those who love and serve Him, though we be rich or poor,
Yes, all may have this blessing, including you and me,
For we're His sons and daughters, if we but choose to be.

"To be or not to be, that is the question."

I choose to be.

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

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