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The Glorious Gospel Principles

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The Glorious Gospel Principles

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:40 am

The Glorious Gospel Principles
22 October 2008

The glorious Gospel principles of Jesus Christ, the Lord,
Are meant to share with others, not seeking a reward,
But seeking to do Father's will, and striving here to be
The kind of children He would want with Him eternally.

He sent us here for testing, to see if we'd be true,
True to Gospel principles as we life's joys pursue,
And true to one another, as brothers and sisters here,
Preparing for eternal joy in heaven's atmosphere.

We came to earth, forgetting our heavenly dwelling place,
And all we knew and loved there, through Heavenly Father's grace,
To see if we'd be willing to share the Gospel plan,
Ordained by God, the Father, to help ennoble man.

That's why He sent the Savior, His true and noble Son,
To teach us truths eternal, and show us, one by one,
How to win life's battles, so one day we could be
Heirs to Father's blessings, for all eternity.

The glorious Gospel principles are meant to school us here,
Preparing us for greater joy in heaven's atmosphere,
And meant to share with others, as Jesus said to do,
For they are truths eternal, and worthy to pursue.

The Savior taught us many things while He was here on earth,
But the two most important things, of great eternal worth,
Are to love Heavenly Father, and love thy neighbor, too,
For on these hang all the laws we're asked to here pursue.

He said: "As I have loved you, love one another."
And also: "Love your enemies." Treat all as sister and brother,
And show forth love and charity, just as He did here,
So we may find eternal joy in heaven's atmosphere.

God help us to remember the things which Jesus taught,
Recorded in the scriptures, so we'd forget them not,
And help us live the Gospel, striving here to be
The kind of children He would want with Him eternally.

For this I humbly pray.

Your friend and brother

Jim Lee

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