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Jesus Christ's Atonement

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Jesus Christ's Atonement

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:36 am

Jesus Christ's Atonement
24 October 2008

Jesus Christ's atonement was fashioned up above,
Before this earth's creation, through God's eternal love
For all His sons and daughters, so one day we may be
Heirs to His salvation, His gift eternally.

He knew we would be sinners, for none is perfect here,
Because of human nature, and what to us is dear,
And knew His plan of happiness depended on someone
Who loved us, just as He did, and chose His firstborn son,

To be our Lord and Savior, to ransom you and me,
From sin, and Satan's powers, and we all did agree,
For we were all there with Him, and Heavenly Father, too,
In that heavenly counsel, whose work Jesus chose to do.

There was a war in heaven, because of Father's choice,
When He chose Jesus Christ, the Lord, and many did rejoice,
But those who wanted Lucifer to be the chosen one,
Rebelled against Heavenly Father, and His Beloved Son.

And when the war was over, one third of God's children dear,
Were cast out of His presence, and many shed a tear,
For they were lost forever, and never could they be
Heirs to all the Father has, for all eternity.

But we who chose Jesus' plan, got to come to earth,
Here to gain a body, of great eternal worth,
And work out our salvation, through our free agency,
The very thing we fought for, God's gift eternally.

And Jesus also came to earth to thus fulfill God's plan,
To ransom us from Satan's powers, since this world began,
And we have our free agency, and the right to choose
Whom we here will follow, and this is the good news.

For all who follow Jesus' plan and live the Gospel here,
Shall live with Him forever, in a Celestial atmosphere,
And be God's sons and daughters, His heirs eternally,
Because of Christ's atonement, in Gethsemane.

He took our sins upon Him, and bled from every pore,
And paid the price, through His great love, and opened up the door,
For all God's earthbound children, who've chosen to obey,
To live with Him forever, that's what the scriptures say.

Praise God for having such a Son, and for His love divine,
And for the things He taught us, to help our spirits shine,
But more, for all He did for us, so one day we may be
Heirs to all the Father has, for all eternity.

And let us share the good news with our brothers and sisters here,
So we may be together in heaven's atmosphere,
Sharing love unmeasured, and doing what we can,
To further Heavenly Father's work according to His plan.

For this I humbly pray.

Your friend and brother

Jim Lee

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