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Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:32 am


Peace comes through forgiveness
Of others' failings here,
And also by forgiving self,
And loved ones who are near.

The Savior has commanded us
That we should here forgive
The faults of one another,
Each day we get to live.

For judgment is the Father's,
As it was meant to be,
And only through forgiveness,
May we be here set free.

When we here carry grudges,
Or hate in heart and soul,
It cankers heart and spirit,
And we may lose our goal.

That's why the Savior taught us
That we should here forgive,
And let Him do the judging,
Each day we chance to live.

No matter what the reason,
We need to let it go,
So we may be forgiven,
And let our lovelight show.

When we forgive another
Of faults and failings here,
It brings us peace and gladness,
And wipes away the tear.

But more, it gives our Father
The opportunity
To bless us, and forgive us,
For all eternity.

Oh may we be forgiven
As we forgive on earth,
And have true charity for all,
Which is of greatest worth.

For which I humbly pray.

Your friend and brother


Author's Note:

I have learned through the years that peace comes through forgiveness of others and of one's own faults and failings. That as long as we hold grudges against another person we cannot be totally at peace with ourselves. The Lord said, "I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men." In contemplation of this scripture, I was inspired to write the following poem, which I sent out some years ago, and which I found again in my book of poems which my sister Jennie included in the book which she made for me of e-mail heart thoughts. Here is the poem: Your friend and brother. Jim
Jim Lee

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