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Our Savior, Jesus Christ

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Our Savior, Jesus Christ

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:27 am

He Is Our Savior

The Savior, Blessed Jesus,
Was chosen long ago,
To be our Lord and Master,
And God has willed it so.
He came to earth, a baby,
A God-child born to be
The Savior of the human race,
And all humanity.

His mother was a virgin,
His Father is our God,
And He was born the Christchild,
to share the Iron Rod.
But more, to share His lovelight,
His wisdom and His love,
With we, God's earth-bound children,
He knew in heaven above.

Through holy Priesthood powers
He set up heaven's plan,
Designed by God, the Father for
The benefit of man.
He took our sins upon Him,
Then died that we might be
His noble sons and daughters,
His heirs eternally.

When He was resurrected,
He opened up the way
For all of us to go back
And live with Him some day.
He is our Lord and Savior,
The Sacrificial Lamb,
Who here atoned for all our sins,
And lives, The Great I Am.

We are His benefactors,
Providing we obey
Both His and God's commandments,
While it is called "Today."
He was and is our Savior,
And lives that we might be
Heirs to all the Father has
For all eternity.

"Come follow Me," the Savior said,
And do the things I do,
And I will build a mansion
In heaven, just for you.

Oh may we heed His teachings
He taught us lovingly,
And share what He has shared with us
With friends and family,
And may we gain forgiveness
For all our sins on earth,
Through Jesus Christ's atonement,
His gift of greatest worth.

With much love

Your friend and brother

Jim Lee

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