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Run Away from Sin

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Run Away from Sin

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:22 am

This is a beautiful poem which came to me, along with the music, and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you might consider this timely counsel. Jim

Run Away, Don't Delay
2 June 2002

Whenever sin comes calling,
Or knocking on your door,
Run away, don't delay,
For sin is like a magnet,
And it will pull you down,
Run away, don't delay.
The near that you get to it,
The harder it will be to quit,
Once the fire within is lit,
Don't delay, run away.

The power is within you
To keep away from sin,
Kneel and pray, every day,
And choose to be a winner,
And do not be a sinner,
Kneel and pray, and obey.
For God is watching over you,
Stand tall, be good, be kind and true,
Be all God expects of you,
Every day, kneel and pray.

Remember, you're in training
To be like God, our King,
Some day, so obey,
And follow in Christ's footsteps,
And He will show the way,
Every day, just obey.
He'll help you make the better choice,
And cause your heart to here rejoice,
Praising Him with heart and voice,
Every day, as you pray.

And someday when life's over,
And you are laid to rest,
You'll rejoice, hear His voice,
"Well done thou faithful servant,
Now enter in thy rest,
And rejoice," hear His voice,
And find rejoicing evermore
When God has tallied up the score,
There upon that blissful shore,
Every day, where you'll stay.

May this be our happy lot, I humbly pray.

Your friend and brother


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