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He's the Missing Peace

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He's the Missing Peace

Postby Jim Lee » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:05 am

He's the Missing Peace
April 1999

Jesus is the missing peace
The world needs so much,
The peace of understanding,
To know His Christly touch.

The peace of sweet forgiveness,
When we have gone astray,
And sought Him through repentance,
In His anointed way.

The peace that here surpasseth
The wisdom of mankind,
Which very, very often
Will cause us to be blind.

It's peace that man is seeking,
And rest from cares and woe,
And trials and tribulations
Which plague us as we go.

And that's what Jesus offers
The Saint and sinner, too,
Through true sincere repentance,
And striving to be true.

Yes, Jesus is the missing peace
The world needs so much,
And they are waiting for us
To share His Christly touch.

Oh may we come to know Him,
And share His light divine,
With those who need to know His peace,
His peace will help us shine.

Heart Thoughts by Jim
Jim Lee

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