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Soul Poet Tom Zart’s Obama Poem = “Make It Plain Preacher"

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Soul Poet Tom Zart’s Obama Poem = “Make It Plain Preacher"

Postby Tom Zart » Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:19 am

Soul Poet Tom Zart’s Obama Poem
“Make It Plain Preacher”


All of us at sometime have run from God
When He has asked us to do something we chose not to do
Though we are free to select who we follow
A life without faith is impossible to renew

Anytime at anywhere dilemmas may occur
Which we must overcome, endure and solve.
The falsehoods of hell consumes man’s soul
Challenging our devotion and resolve.

Jonah ran from God and took flight on a ship
To be thrown over and swallowed by a whale.
After three days he was cast up unharmed and alive
To preach at Nineveh which was doomed to fail.

Samson ran from God to the arms of Delilah
Who gave him pleasures beyond compare.
Soon she betrayed him and removed his hair
Exposing him to capture, imprisonment and despair.

Christians trust you can run but not hide
From the eyes of Jehovah who is always aware
Loving us regardless of weakness toward sin
And when we cry out, “He’s there.”


The hornets of hell swarm from their nest
Overwhelming all the victims they can.
To sting as many souls as possible
In their destruction of the glory of man.

They murder, rob, rape and plunder
While provoking the meek to submit.
They lie, deceive and mislead
And depend on the world to forget.

Eager to enhance their numbers
They are the cheerleaders of disgrace.
Their agendas of sin must be stopped
For the betterment of each race.

Endless is God’s test of time
To measure man’s spiritual worth
Unwholesome deeds tempt us all
Festering in the repugnance of earth.

The hornets of hell are on the hunt
In all directions by day or night.
The Armor of God shields man’s soul
And gives us our resolve to fight.

The champions of heaven in rapture await
To see who will stumble and fall.
They watch us struggle, in our world of woe
As they pray we will heed, God’s call.

Fools declare we must hide from view
And leave the hornets of hell alone
But when we ignore the liabilities of life
The failings of man become, our own.

By Soul Poet
Tom Zart
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