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A Nurse-Bernies Mom, by Denny Lancaster

Postby denny99 » Sun Feb 26, 2006 11:01 pm

A Nurse-Bernies Mom
by Denny Lancaster

She fetched them from the chilly dark
as the cross was held above them high
while angels hovered in the blue sky.
Their pallor some dark, others were gray
towed in stretchers even in sunny May,
the grim reaper slowly came their way.

Those ladies who wore only the white
shone through the chilly dark night,
while skyward spread with arms not bare
through the gray pallor they were there
and a white cap covered the flaxen hair.
Such a miracle for broken minds to see,
ladies in white so richly dressed to see
but none was more beautiful than she.

Then she stretched forth with her hand,
they then asked what she did command,
as she cleansed their wounds with love.
Soothed their minds from great distress,
sang to sleep and freed from weariness
and May gave way to the winters cold
but love flourished and never grew old.

Beneath the cross white clad ladies bowed.
then drawing a breath, the rosary said aloud,
when love and healing on earth were unbound.
These ladies we know from wars wounds stirs
and we know Gods healing power was hers,
brought to all of us with love and in charity,
to shield us from death, and HE was there.

by Denny Lancaster

Footnote: Bernie sent me a picture of his momma which was taken in 1941. I knew that a poem would materialize, based upon the fond stories Bernie had related as to how his mom spent the war in Ireland and how his parents had met, while his father was in the hospital.

So a tribute to his mom and all nurses, especially remembering a time in my distant past when these angels of mercy tended to many whom I knew and some that I still know quite well.

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