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Gentle Breezes. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Sun Feb 26, 2006 7:02 am

Gentle Breezes.
Bernard Shaw

Gentle breezes caressing my fevering brow,

A lone Nightingale singing it?s melodious call.

The ships pulling and swaying on the tow,

A peaceful quietness prevailing over all.

I entered a realm far from realities raw,

Perfect stillness filling my sensitive soul.

My astral body soaring up as if to ensure,

That my spirit will reach its far distant goal

My astral cord connecting a thin silvery band,

Stretching way up high into the night sky.

My body peaceful asleep on the soft sands.

Angelic bodies are waiting my reply.

I marvel at sweet music mystic and pure,

Soft blue light shining over my entity.

It seems as if I am waiting a sure cure,

For all the ails that have plagued and pained me.

I eventually waken, feeling at peace with my soul,

All aches and pains mysteriously are no more,

My astral journey has helped me reach my goal.

Heaven has accepted me of this I am very sure.

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Bernard Shaw

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