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Mercy on the Menu by Linda Coker

Postby cokerlin » Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:55 am

Countless choices choke us
With each recurring day
Do this, do that, do this again
In twenty different ways
Conveniences are endless
No need to think or do
Yet mercy’s always waiting there
For us on God’s menu

Mercy on the menu
When we can’t sort out the day
Our chain can’t be unknotted
And our mouth gets in the way
He offers us forgiveness
And love beyond compare
Through days of pain and times of peace
His mercy’s always there

Shades of gray exist
In decisions black and white
The media distorts the truth
Confusing wrong with right
Those whom we’ve elected
Build us up and let us down
Oil prices fluctuate
And make our heads spin round

But mercy’s on the menu
To guide us through our day
To break the chain once unknotted
Provide wise words to say
He offers us forgiveness
And love beyond compare
We only need to ask Him
His mercy’s always there


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