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Guardian Angel. by Bernard Shaw

Postby Bernard Shaw » Sat Feb 25, 2006 1:55 pm

Guardian Angel.
Bernard Shaw

I have a Guardian Angel that sometimes speaks to me,

The kettle is boiling hot, be careful making your cup of tea.

Do not cross now there's much traffic on the road,

Or, Please be sensible do not carry such a heavy load.

Be careful of that carpet make sure you do not slip,

Put that knife to your mouth and you are bound to cut your lip.

Yes my Guardian Angel often speaks to me, not out loud,

I seem to hear a gentle voice that is hidden behind a cloud.

My Guardian Angel has lots of work to do,

Sometimes just a warning, to tie the lace in my shoe.

I don't always listen to what is being said,

Like the time I fell and bumped my silly head.

Now when Your Guardian Angel speaks to you,

It is for your best don't get into a stew.

There's no extra cash for doing an Angels work,

They just do it, sometimes for a lousy jerk.

We are all Gods children with an Angel by our side,

Sometimes we may see one but mainly they just hide.

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Bernard Shaw

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