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WELCOME MR. PRESIDENT by Claude Peter Dhuet

Postby Claude Peter Dhuet » Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:44 am

Welcome Mr. President
by Claude Peter Dhuet

St. Peter stood outside the Golden Gates-
A white steed at his side-
Whose spotless coat shone like pure silver-
With diamonds in his eyes.

"Perhaps you would like to ride him in-
His name is Peace and Duty-
His mother’s name is Loyalty-
His father’s National Beauty".

All these qualities you have shown-
You’re bound to form a bond-
He is yours for all you’ve done-
To make your country strong.

Once inside, you’re free to roam-
Those endless gentle hills-
Where all the grass is made of silk-
Where all the paths are gold.

Many friends will ride with you-
They wait impatiently-
All the ones who came before you-
Who fought to keep us free.

You’ve given God the credit-
For teaching you right from wrong-
My instruction from Him are quite simple-
"President Reagan, welcome home".

Claude Peter Dhuet
Copyright 2004

"How can one forget that beautiful friendly smile"

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Claude Peter Dhuet

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