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Waking Dreams by David G. BancroftAmerican Pride: Poems Honoring America and Her Patriots! by David G. BancroftMere Chance: A Relentless, Deadly, Maze of Life by David G. Bancroft
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About Poetry Galore
"Bathed in words of waking dreams!"

Poetry Galore has a great selection of memorable and always original poems and stories,  covering a wide spectrum of subjects and emotions, including love, romance, family, friends, inspirational, faith, religion, people, life, time, mourning / grief, humor, horror, mystery, holidays, seasons, imagination, fantasy, nature, sea, space, history, political, sports / adventure, and event the old west.

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  • Waking Dreams . . . is also where visitors to Poetry Galore can join and meet new friends who enjoy reading and/or authoring poems and stories.  You can also converse on other subjects . . . as Waking Dreams goes beyond the love of creative words.

    • Authors can list their poems and stories at Waking Dreams . . . becoming eligible for Poem of the Month recognition along with being able to interact with fellow authors and with the all important readers!

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